Installing CS6 is pretty straightforward. Install and activate. However if you are stretched for disk space, there are a number of time consuming and error prone steps to take, in order to free several GB's of unwanted and unnecessary files from the installation, only because of the lacking quality of the install process. I have been complaining about this to Adobe for ages, but nothing is done about it, at least not yet.

Every Adobe application, whether it is Photoshop, Encore, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. insists on installing EULA files in up to 40 languages, dictionaries in various languages you may never need, and a lot of other crap. In the Master collection it amounts to over 2 GB in more than 2300 files that are not needed. I have requested a simpler approach, where only one set of EULA are stored in a Common directory and only in the language of the program, the OS language and possibly the locale and forget about the rest, instead of replicating this info all over the place.  What can you do about this?

Manual labour

For each and every Adobe application, check directories called '32', AMT, Legal, LMResources, dict, Dictionaries, OBLRes, eula and Support Files, including sub-directories for any language file you do not want. These may include Afghan, Chinese, Arabic, Finnish, Korean, Armenian, Czech, Russian, Latvian and so on.

It is tedious work and you have to be careful not to delete a language you may need, but if you have done this, like I did, you free up at least 2 GB of space on your disk. I know Adobe will frown on this approach, but at the moment this is the only way to circumvent all the crap that the installer creates and regain the sometimes sorely needed space.

Remember to check both the 'Program Files/Adobe' directory and the 'Program Files (x86)/Adobe' directory for applications like Audition, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, and the like.