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First go to the site Piriform Speccy and download and install Speccy wherever you want to. After installation, run the program. You will see a screen that shows the summary of your system. Now from the top menu select 'File' and 'Save Snapshot'. Select a file location and a file name that is both easy to find and easy to remember. When you are ready to submit your results, you are asked to attach this file to the form. We use that file to enter your relevant hardware data into the database and in this way ensure consistency amongst all the data, avoid typo's and spare you the bother to fill out many questions that would otherwise be needed for queries when looking at the results.

We suggest you keep this program installed, since it allows you to inspect the Speccy results from other systems in the benchmark on a side-by-side basis with your own system for a very detailed comparison.

Before you fill out this data submission form, make sure that you have first run the benchmark test and saved the "Output.csv" file in a location that is easy to find. If you happen to have some configuration that is not covered as mentioned in the instructions, please mention those in the Comments field. Think about items like the Raid level used, raid3 or raid5, and third party cards in use such as AJA, BlackMagic or Matrox.

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