Here are the Top 25 Performers Charts for CS6, based on the PPBM5 Benchmark. Note that all charts are ordered by rank (Total time), with the top system in the first place and the 25-th system at the bottom, even if the individual results on a certain test do not hold the top position.

Where possible, we have added vertical lines, indicating the upper decile, D9, upper quartile, Q3 and median, Med, so it is easier to see the top 10% performers (left of the D9 line) or the top 25% performers (left of the Q3 line). To help you further we have added background colors to indicate the various areas in the charts. In accordance with the charts on the previous page, we have used the following colors for the backgrounds, even though we have - like any editor in such a situation - reduced opacity to 50%:

  • D9, upper decile with heavenly blue. With such a score you are in heaven.
  • Q3, upper quartile with safe green. Everything is absolutely fine.
  • Med, median with yellow to pay attention. Mediocre results and they may be improved.
  • Q1, lower quartile with warning orange. Things are getting disturbing with these results.
  • D1, lower decile with dangerous red. Results are pretty bad and need improvement.

If no vertical lines are displayed, they would be meaningless, like the MPE render times.