Since Harm has retired from the Adobe Forums, this page will be used to publish hardware information relevant to PR Editors.

It will cover a wide range of topics from the Windows perspective (I simply do not know enough about Mac's to include them too), like the video codecs used, the disk setup, to raid or not, how to balance a system, how to tune a system for optimal performance, how to troubleshoot problems, in short how to get the best performance from the system you have, how to identify the bottlenecks in your system and how to reduce them at least cost.

Everything in this range of articles builds on the overriding aspect of the codec used and the editing style. These two factors determine to a very large extent what kind of system is required for comfortable editing.

Recently there appeared a number of questions about Xeon CPU versus i7. The i7 is a SINGLE CPU, it is not suitable for dual CPU motherboards. Xeon E5-26xx CPU's can be used in single or dual CPU configurations, depending on the motherboard. Xeon E5-46xx or E7 can be used in 4 or more CPU configurations, but only run - as far as Adobe is concerned - on Windows Server 2012R2, which is not supported, nor tested by Adobe. It would have been nice to get a 4 CPU system with 18 cores each and 45 MB L3 cache making for 144 logical cores. To decide between a single i7 or dual Xeon E5 CPU's, keep in mind that a single i7 hexa core @ 4.4 GHz performs about equal to a dual Xeon hexa core @ 3.0 GHz and a single i7-5690X @ 4.4 GHz outperforms a dual Xeon E5-2699v3 @ 2.3 GHZ, despite the 72 logical cores. However, this is purely caused by limitations of Adobe software and may not hold true when Adobe solves this serious bug.
An entry level quad socket with 60 physical cores or 120 logical cores, up to 6 TB of RAM, 11 PCIe-3.0 slots and up to 48 2.5" hot-swappable storage devices and SAS-3 12 Gb backplane looks like this:

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