Different Types of Laser Printers


Laser printers have been around for decades, but the printing process remains one of the most popular methods to print today. This method can produce top quality text and images quickly and easily from a computer. There are three common types of laser printers: inkjet printers, plotters, and dot matrix. Here is a quick breakdown of each type and a few of the pros and cons of each one.

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Inkjet printers are the least expensive, which is the reason why many people have a tendency to stick with this type of printer for their basic printing needs. Inkjet printers use colored inks, which are extremely liquid and less likely to smear. The print out from an inkjet printer is generally stronger than other printers and can be printed in a variety of sizes and colors. The technical explanation for this is that a inkjet assembles only the ink that’s needed to print a particular page. Because of this there is no extra ink that must be purchased, which lowers the overall cost of the printer.

If you need a really smooth and fast printing experience then a plotter printer may be the best option for you. The plotter uses a different approach to the laser printing process in that rather than spraying the ink on the paper, it actually strikes the paper with a laser. A laser printer is capable of producing a higher quality print than an inkjet, because it has a much higher resolution and the number of pixels which are in the design to ascertain how fast the printout will be. The plotter is also quicker and easier to use than any other type of printer.

Dot Matrix is one of the earliest and most popular kinds of laser printers. From the Dot Matrix system a supply of electricity is attached to the paper or other material to excite the dots within the design. Each colour in the pattern is triggered and sent to the proper section of the printer. When a color is wanted it is pressed on the appropriate area of the display. This process continues until all of the colors have been used up and the design is complete.

A mono-axial laser printer is very similar to a dot matrix printer but it does not contain an integrated drum mechanism. Rather it comes with an integrated circuit that helps to regulate and set the amount of ink used. The integrated circuit is situated between the drum and the newspaper. It controls when a color is needed and when to stop. Like a dot matrix printer the printer must be connected to an electrical source to function.

Lots of people purchase a laser printer because they need a printer to print photos and artwork. Some people prefer the convenience of an inkjet printer, because they can print on colored paper and do not require a ribbon to separate the coloured paper from the non-colored paper. However, when you publish with an inkjet printer you must use special ink that is made for the machine. If the ink dries out it won’t seem right and the image may not be printed correctly. When using an inkjet printer, you may wish to make sure that you take additional care to maintain the printer well preserved to avoid problems with the printing and drying process.

A label printer can be an extremely useful office tool. It may save you time and money by reducing the cost of packaging and shipping products out of your business. Printers like Afinia l502 label printer are very useful in schools and lots of businesses for helping pupils to create unique labels for school projects, and course projects.

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